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Our grass fed ground beef meat bundles are a super, low-cost way to get the very best grass fed beef. Buy in bulk, fill your freezer and rest assured knowing you have the very best meat available for your use anytime – rain, shine or blizzard! To buy grass fed beef online, browse our selection now!

Here’s How it Works…

When you buy from us you pay only for what you get. The price per pound listed is the price per pound of packaged meat – delivered to your door in our approved delivery areas (see outlined area in map). No surprise charges at the butcher. No confusing calculations of yield loss. No delivery fees. We take all the yield risk and make it simple and super-economical for you. I don’t know how many folks I’ve asked how much their side of beef cost them and they have no idea what they have actually spent per pound. We don’t think that’s right, so that’s why we do it this way. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here are the nuts and bolts:

    1. Call us to place your order at 855-330-1493, 8-5p MT. Feel free to email us with your questions as well at, but you will want to give us your credit card info over the phone since email is not secure. If you’d rather pay with cash or check, we are OK with that, too!United States Map
    2. Once your order is taken, we will charge your credit card for 50% of the estimated cost of the meat you will receive and we will send you an email as a recap and a receipt. Or,we will wait until your check arrives and then send you the email (or letter) recap and receipt. Once the deposit is in hand we will then schedule processing (the time needed for this can vary depending on our butcher’s schedule). We will keep you posted as to the progress of your order.
    3. Once your meat is fully processed we will call you with the total pounds, total amount due and schedule a convenient time for you to receive your meat. The balance will be due when we deliver. Yes, we hand deliver each and every order!

Order with confidence – we have hundreds of satisfied customers!

How Much Meat Can I Expect and What Will it Cost?

Here’s what you can expect from a whole beef:
Grass Fed Beef - How much?

  • Filet Mignon – approx. 3-5 lbs.
  • T-Bone Steaks – approx. 20-25 lbs.
  • Rib Steaks (bone in) – approx. 15-18 lbs.
  • Sirloin Steaks – approx. 15-20 lbs.
  • Chuck Roast (bone in) – approx. 50-60 lbs.
  • Brisket – approx. 5-10 lbs.
  • Short Ribs – approx. 11-12 lbs.
  • Stew Meat – approx. 20 lbs.
  • Ground Burger – approx. 100-120 lbs.
  • Patties – approx. 100-120 lbs.

Halves and quarters will get proportionately less of all the cuts listed above. We can do special cut orders on Whole Beef orders only. We can add dog bones or soup bones, heart, liver, tongue or oxtail to any order for only $1.75/lb (as availability permits).

Current Pricing

Grass Fed Beef - Rib Eye Package
All the meat is hand-wrapped in heavy plastic and then butcher paper. This packaging gives the maximum in shelf life – much greater than vacuum packaging.
  • Whole Beef: $6.75/lb, approx. 400 lbs. total meat – ~$2700
  • Half Beef: $7.25/lb, approx. 200 lbs. total meat – ~$1450
  • Quarter Beef: $7.50/lb, approx. 100 lbs. total meat – ~$750
  • Eighth Beef: $8.50/lb, approx. 50 lbs. total meat – ~$425 (Limited availability)
  • Ground Beef: $6.00/lb, 1 lb. packages. (Limited availability – 50 lb. minimum order)
  • Beef Patties: $6.25/lb, 1 lb. packages, 3 patties per pack (Limited availability – 50 lb. minimum order)


Yes, those prices are right! Meat Bundles, steak and roasts included, for less than what ground grass fed beef costs at your local health food store. Product of USA! Lot’s of folks inquire as to how we can do this so inexpensively. It’s really very simple. When you buy from us, you are actually buying direct from the grower. We have dirt on our boots – really. We also like to keep things simple, like this website. We instead focus our efforts on keeping costs down, meat quality up and customer service second to none. That is our mission!


Can We Make Payments?

We often get requests asking if we have an installment payment plan. The short answer is no, but in reality if you have a little self-control and a good credit card, you have a payment plan already in your hands. Consider this: If you call and place your order at the start of your credit card billing cycle you will have 30 -60 days to make that payment before interest is charged. Then, it will take us at least one month (likely two months) to deliver your meat. If you save some money each month during this time you will have what you need for the last payment. Actually, when we process your card for the final payment you may have yet another 30 days grace on you credit card billing cycle. This means that with just a little planning, you can spread the cost of this tasty meat over three months, or more, and pay zero interest. Why wait? Make a plan and call us right away!

Don’t Delay – Order Today! NBA-Bison-Burger

Call us to order at 785-890-6779, or toll free at 855-330-1493
8-5p MT, Monday-Friday

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